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The Dancing Horse Challenge

PVDA Ride For Life

Tami was called at the last moment to fill the place of another rider that was to ride in the Dancing Horse Challenge. The rider was an event rider and had had an accident and was not going to be able to ride this year. But with a collapsed lung and some broken ribs, we were told that she was out of the hospital and is planning on making the show next year.

We had less than a week to get ready and drive the seven hour drive to the show in Upper Marlboro Maryland at the Prince George Equestrian Complex but it was worth it. We met some really nice people, saw some old friends, and everyone was very hospitable.

The Dancing Horse Challenge was founded in honor and memory of Jill Hassler-Scoop, Scott’s mom.

I was told that they have raised over $400,000.00 in the last nine years, not including this year. Wow, what a great way to give back. All of the proceeds benefit The John Hopkins Breast Cancer Center.

I have included a video of Tami’s ride and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Join us for our Advanced Camp for Jr’s. and Young Riders on Wed. June 27th-Sat. June 30.  1:00-4:00pm Wed.- Friday and variable times for Sat.

Bring your own horse/pony or ride one of ours.  Special instruction from several dressage instructors with focus on preparing for shows.  Camp ends with our schooling show on Sat. and your camp fee includes entry into show and coaching for your class.

$150 Wed.-Friday or $200 for Wed.-Sat. which includes entry fee into show.

Registration by June 23rd preferred with $30 non-refundable deposit.

Haul in horses/ponies may be charged a small boarding fee ($40) for duration of camp.  Contact us with any questions.  We look forward to helping you prepare for the rest of the show season.

Everyone at Fellowship would like to wish Jody Morse and Mai all the best of luck.  We are sad to see our beautiful little Mai leave but thrilled she has such a loving and wonderful new home.   We look forward to seeing Jody and Mai at the shows in the near future.

Once again all our riders had a great day. Katelyn Young and Duke won a blue ribbon in Third 2, 60.244. Kaitlyn Lingard and Talant won a blue ribbon in Fourth 2, 61.081. Tessa McKinney and Rocket Man won blue also with a 70.800. Meredith Weiner and Alladin came in second in the Int. 1, 65.921. Deborah Hellen and Dublin had a second place, 67.571.

Gwen Warwick and Triston, Lynn Thompson and Luna, and Zack Batts and Frankie all had a great show. Congratulations to everyone.

We are so proud of all of our riders. Congratulations to Valerie Russell and Sport who got 60.532 for the Grand Prix. They have worked so hard for a long time to reach this incredible goal.

Kaitlyn Lingard and Talant in their first show together had 2 excellent rides, winning first place with 64.143 for Fourth 1. Deborah Hellen and Dublin also won a blue ribbon in First 2, 62.432. Meredith Weiner and Aladdin won the PSG, 67.763. Mary Haskins and Richmond won the Developing Horse, 71.895. Congratulations to everyone. Everyone is looking forward to tomorrow.