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Congratulations to Val Russell and her wonderful horse, Sport.  They received a score of 61.064 last weekend at Raleigh thus earning Val her gold medal.  It was a long,hard road for both and a very well deserved achievement.

Fellowship Farm

Schooling Show

Saturday, September 22 , 2012

All Dressage and Eventing Tests will be offered.

$25 per test

Entry deadline Tuesday, September 18th.

Coggins must be presented the day of the show.

Please remember an entry is a financial commitment. If you are unable to attend the show after the entry deadline, you will be responsible for your entry fees.

Ride times will be posted, Thursday evening, June 20th on the farms website

You can email me your entry, call the farm, or through our website on the Farm Show Schedule for 2012 page.

Fellowship Farm

4820 Thacker Dairy Rd

Greensboro, NC 27406


 On Sunday, July 8th we held a graduation party for our 3 high school graduates, Morgan Cheek, Lindsay Demers, and Deborah Hellen. We want to wish them the best of luck in their very bright futures.  Morgan will be attending NC State, Lindsay will be at Virginia Tech, and Deborah will be moving to Boston to attend Olin College.

Last weekend was a huge success at Lexington.  Kaitlyn Lingard had scores of 73% and 69% at Fourth Level on Ann Lewis’ talented, Talants.  Katelyn Young received two 65’s at Fourth Level on Lindsay Demer’s impressive Duke, who is proving to be a fun show horse.   Meredith Weiner had a great ride on Saturday, 66%, but more importantly she is turning heads with her new “feels” regarding connection, throughness, and collection!  Val Russell and Sport had a clean Grand Prix test on Sunday, so close to 60% and fun.

Welcome to camp!  We are excited to be together for our 3rd year and once again trying a new format. Thank you all for coming.

Anyone trailering in Friday, please let us know what time to expect you and your horse.  All horses will be stabled at lower barn and parking will be beside covered arena.  Please bring a copy of your coggins and your CHAIR.  Stalls will already be bedded.  Let us know if there is anything we can do to make you or your horse more comfortable so you can get plenty of rest.  Sat. will be a big day!

SATURDAY  7:45 Welcome…coffee and juice in the barn

8:00 All seated in the barn:  Lecture:  Accepting the bit, On the bit and Connected.  What does all that mean and how do we get there?

9:30 break

9:45 Watch Demo rider in the arena showing lateral work, bend and angle for discussion.

10:30 Kaitlyn Lingard

11:15 Gale Ford  15 minutes of lunge line work

12:00-1:00 LUNCH

1:00 Alexandra Jones lunge work 1:30-1:45

1:30 Lynn Thompson  lunge work  1:45-2:00 then back to work 15 more minutes.

2:15 Sandy Higgins lunge work 2:45-3:00 if needed

3:00  Danny  lunge work 3:15-3:30 back to work 15 minutes

3:45 Trudi Proctor  lunge work 4:15-4:30

4:15 Karen Young lunge work, we can decide what end of the ride it will be best.

All students encouraged to watch each other and participate in the discussions.  Each horse will be evaluated on his/her stage of accepting the contact based on our morning lecture.   We should have lots of fun things to look for to help us understand the stage of each horse/rider.

5:00 Summary of our day and horses.


8:00 Sandy

8:45 Gale

9:30 Karen

10:15 Review morning rides/ progress from yesterday

10:45 Danny

11:30 Trudi

12:15-1:15 LUNCH

1:15 Lynn

2:00 Kaitlyn

2:45 Alexandra

3:30 Discuss afternoon rides and progress.

Once again all our riders had a great day. Katelyn Young and Duke won a blue ribbon in Third 2, 60.244. Kaitlyn Lingard and Talant won a blue ribbon in Fourth 2, 61.081. Tessa McKinney and Rocket Man won blue also with a 70.800. Meredith Weiner and Alladin came in second in the Int. 1, 65.921. Deborah Hellen and Dublin had a second place, 67.571.

Gwen Warwick and Triston, Lynn Thompson and Luna, and Zack Batts and Frankie all had a great show. Congratulations to everyone.